November 2019 Update

2019 has been a interesting year for me and my art.  So far this year I have started 60+ new original abstract paintings.  The sizes vary from as small as  4″×6″ to  36″×36″×1.5″.  Consistent with my previous years of painting, I have taken weeks up to 3 months of not creating any art. It makes no sense to me to force myself into doing art when lacking creativity or inspiration.  Most times when I have attempted working on paintings in a non ideal mindset, I become frustrated and the resulting painting suffers.   Then I realize I should have never started to begin with.  Unfortunately, I am very hard on myself in all aspects of life and especially with my artwork.  I worked on a handful of paintings that have been painted over 8-10 times each.  Not only is this extremely wasteful of expensive Golden acrylic paints that I use, but very defeating knowing that I am rarely happy about how they turn out.  This is what leads me to paint the majority of my abstract art paintings a few times over before even considering them completed.   Once in a while I’ll surprise myself and actually be proud of a painting right away.  Please understand I am not complaining about being hard on myself…that’s how it has always been for me across the storms of life.  I hope to better explain the processes that occur while I create my original abstract artworks.  This year I was in my first ever abstract gallery exhibition at The Next Picture Show in Dixon, Illinois.  My dad was raised in Dixon, and my uncle still lives there.  Uncle Al really encouraged me to enter the all about abstract exhibition.  I am very grateful to have support from my family in encouraging my passion for art.  My uncle has been instrumental in helping me try to advance my artistic expression.  Uncle Al is always there to see and give opinions on the various iterations my abstract paintings go through.  Many times he or other important people in my life will like a painting in its current state and tell me to leave it alone.  Often enough the problem is my complete disdain of how it looks and then I decide to paint over it anyway.  I value their feedback and ideas but don’t always agree to stop.  My dad and uncle also help me in naming a good portion of my paintings, which is extremely helpful to me.  Anyway,  I was excitedly surprised when 2 of 3 paintings WE entered in the abstract gallery exhibit SOLD.  It was a tremendous feeling to know that someone I have never met liked them so much he actually purchased my artwork.  Sorry for going on so much but it has been a long time since I updated the story of my original abstract artwork journey.   Much love to anyone and everyone that supports me!  Take care!

Illinois born and raised… lifetime lover of all things Chicago. Beginning Introduction

Hello My name is Cullen Morisse. Since September 2016 I’ve taken up abstract painting. It has helped me tremendously in many aspects of life. Painting abstracts allows me to be free and open with my thoughts or moods. Being able to express myself through art is very healing and rewarding. When I started painting non objective abstract art, I quickly became passionate towards making new paintings when I was in the mood to do it. Sometimes I will go weeks or months without doing any new paintings. It is difficult to paint when you are not inspired or lacking energy to try and come up with something new or unique. That’s why in less than the two years that I have painted there has been multiple month periods of not painting anything. But when I finally got out of my last 6 month hiatus in March 2018, I have started or finished 215+ new abstract paintings. I have always loved bright colors and enjoy being able to imprint my colorful soul in my art. All paintings after #7, are made with professional grade paint and mediums. Knowing very little about art when I started, I began researching anything I could to learn about abstract art and the materials used in painting them. Professional grade art supplies are extremely expensive, but to me using professional grade paint is the way to go. The saying “You get what you pay for” is very true in art supplies. Hopefully you can see my unique colorful passion in the paintings. Thanks for visiting  and please support my art by Purchasing a Painting I would really appreciate it! At checkout you can choose free local pickup in Elgin Illinois directly from me and avoid all shipping charges. Thanks so much for checking out my site and have a great day!

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